Banana Industry Trust Corporation | Restoring confidence in the banana industry
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Initially, all the objectives of the Trust all were related to the betterment of the Banana Industry. Over the years, the focus shifted slightly as it become prudent that the objectives of the Trust be expanded to include Agriculture as a whole. In doing so, other areas in the sector can also be supported by the Trust.


The administration of the PRP Loans to the Banana Companies


The management of the funds provided by the Government of Saint Lucia for the Inputs Credit Scheme for farmers


The administration of the funds and projects under the various EU Grant Contracts of SFA Programmes


Provide support to the Banana Industry -more recently the Agricultural Sector in general- as needed, within the available resources of the Trust.

Agriculture For a New Age

Banana Industry Trust Corporation

“The BIT over the years has successfully managed the resources from the EU to a total in excess of EC$44 million making the BIT one of the single largest managers of EU funded programmes in Saint Lucia.”


St. Lucia Banana Production & Revenue


Tonnes in 1990

1990 Revenue (In Millions)



Tonnes in 1991

1991 Revenue (In Millions)



Tonnes in 2000

2000 Revenue (In Millions)



Tonnes in 2001

2001 Revenue (In Millions)



Tonnes in 2015

2015 Revenue (In Millions)



Tonnes in 2016

2016 Revenue (In Millions)


Transforming Agriculture, Restoring Livelihoods
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Objectives of the Banana Industry Trust Corporation:

It takes thousands of years for soil to be produced and minutes for it to be washed away. Soil erosion threatens our food supply, pollutes our waterways and is a hazard to our families and communities.


Here’s what you can do:  



Build a retaining wall if your property is on a slope

Plant trees or shrubs along river banks

Dispose of water runoffs in stainable waterways


Cultivate on steep slopes and forest lands

Engage in unplanned developments

Build houses without proper drainage systems

Mine hillsides without proper permits