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The Banana Industry Trust was established by Cabinet Conclusion No. 691 of 10 June 1999. The establishment of the Trust was endorsed by the Delegation of the European Union Commission in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Though the objectives of the Trust were many and all relate to the betterment of the Banana Industry, one of the primary objectives was to encourage, assist and support the development of sound farm practice in the production of bananas and in particular to restore confidence in the banana industry. Read more...

The Role of the Trust

  • The administration of the PRP Loans to the Banana Companies.
  • The management of the funds provided by the Government of St. Lucia for the Inputs Credit Scheme for farmers.
  • The administration of the funds and projects under the SFA99 Grant Contract.
  • The administration of the funds and projects under the SFA2000 Grant Contract.
  • Support to the Banana Industry as needed within the available resources of the Trust.

Photovoltaic Project

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SFA 2003 Final Reports

National Action Plan to Combat Desertification & Drought
  1. Final Draft of the Saint Lucia Forest Act
  2. Final Draft Saint Lucia Forest Regulations
  3. Final Draft Saint Lucia Forest Policy
  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Final Meeting Inventory FMIS
  4. Final Project Meeting
  5. GIS Seminar
  6. Stakeholders Workshop
  1. Biodiversity Training
  2. Inventory Training
  3. Other Training
Supporting Documents
  1. Additional Materials
  2. Coastal zone - Island Management
  3. Habitat Mapping
  4. Indicators
  5. SEA & EIA

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