Banana Industry Trust Corporation | Canelles Irrigation Project
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Canelles Irrigation Project


SFA 1999 – Canelles Irrigation Project

This entailed the installation of a 51-acre “Off-Farm” irrigation infrastructure in Canelles.
Irrigation specialists FARMEX Technologies SARL from France were the contractors on the Off-Farm Irrigation Infrastructure in Canelles, Saint Lucia. The project was conducted on 51 acres of land and benefitted 13 farms with a network of 1.8 km of pipes, at a cost of EC$0.4 million. The project began May 2002 and was completed in June 2003 including the additional works towards the reinforcement of the pumping station.


The following works were included in the project:

  • Construction of 3m (2.6M) steel reinforced concrete shed
  • 6’’ thick steel reinforced concrete roof
  • Double door (wrought iron and inner metal door)
  • Reinforced concrete slab for pump 160mm diameter opening for pump shaft
  • 4’’ diameter vents spaced at 200mm apart
  • Down pipe from roof to eliminate roof water

The pump and pipeline commissioning tests were carried out on the project to the satisfaction of the Irrigation Management Unit, which supervised the project with Technical Assistance from Agri Development.