Banana Industry Trust Corporation | Cul de Sac Drainage Project
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Cul de Sac Drainage Project


Cul-de-Sac Drainage Project

The residents of Cul de Sac were the benefactors of the SFA 2000 drainage programme. An agricultural drainage system is a system by which the water level on or in the soil is controlled to enhance agricultural crop production. This SFA resulted in the development of the rural area and assisted in the flood risk management of the region.


The Cul de Sac Valley Drain Works involved the improvement of the drainage network in the valley and included a combination of drainage and drainage infrastructure works. This included excavation of 3.3 km of drains, four (4) culverts, one (1) wall over 200 acres These works commenced in October 2003 and were completed by November 2003, an eight week duration. It must, however, be noted that the scope of the works was greatly reduced due to the supplementary works undertaken under the CDB post Tropical Storm Lily Drainage works.


The contract was awarded to the Hippolyte and Phoenix joint venture and cost just over EC$500,000. Supervision of the project was provided by the Irrigation Management Unit (IMU) in the Ministry of Agriculture, and technical services by Agri Development Inc.