Banana Industry Trust Corporation | Anse La Raye Water Supply Improvement Project
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Anse La Raye Water Supply Improvement Project


SFA 2003 – Anse La Raye Water Supply Improvement Project

A continuous supply of clean, pipe born water is a luxury recently afforded to Anse La Raye, a village on the west coast of Saint Lucia. The EC$7 million dollar project of which EC$1.6 million was provided by the Government of Saint Lucia, was spear-headed by the Banana Industry Trust under the SFA 2003 European Union grant programme, the Environment Management Fund and the Government of Saint Lucia. Because of the successful completion of this project, the village of Anse la Raye is now compliant with current World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for treated drinking water quality. These guidelines ensure that water supplies are regulated and that water quality is monitored, and sometimes treated to remove contaminants, before being delivered to homes or businesses.


Towards the later part of 2009, the community of Anse La Raye and the surrounding region were the direct beneficiaries of this initiative geared to improve the drinkable water supply, while enhancing the quality of life for residents. The people living in the areas targeted had been deprived of clean water for way too long with the consequent negative impact on health and therefore their quality of life.

The project was extensive in its works and entailed the reconstruction of:

  • An intake structure
  • 400,000 gallon per day water treatment plant
  • A 200,000 gallon water storage tank
  • A treated water distribution pipeline
  • The upgrade of the Au Tabor pump station and installation of chemical feeds for raw water treatment.


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Not only was the WHO development goal reached but the project also brought hope to the community. Its successful implementation has contributed substantially to the socioeconomic development of the entire west coast of Saint Lucia.


The project was implemented on behalf of the Anse La Raye Village Council and will be managed by the Water and Sewage Authority (WASCO).


FARMEX Technologies SARL of France, along with local consultants FDL Consult Inc., were the contractors on the project. Administrative support for the project was provided through the Office of the National Authorizing Officer in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and National Development.